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From Transparent Estimates to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, clients know we’re about Trust and Integrity.

Our comprehensive, detailed Estimate is there to empower you so that you can make informed choices when renovating your castle.

At the outset, you’ll experience one of the most important aspects that separates us from the others, namely, that our Estimate covers, in a word, everything.

With 100% Transparency, absolutely nothing is left out, or glossed over, or handled as a rough range, and all elements, materials and labour costs are listed.

We develop the most comprehensive and transparent estimate in the business because it’s your castle, your money, and your dream renovation, therefore it deserves the highest attention to detail, even before we decide to work together.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is unique, but then again, so is our 100% transparency and customer service.

Our Guarantee is among the most comprehensive in the industry, covering a minimum of five years on our services. The Reno King’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee assures you that all of our work will be completed to the highest standards and also conform to all of the current building codes and guidelines.

Moreover, if we install a product incorrectly, we will remove the product, purchase a new one and reinstall it at no extra charge to the customer. And, in addition, if the incorrect installation creates other problems, those too will be fixed for free as a result of our client first 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy.

And, there’s more! For instance, if a manufacturer supplies a faulty product that is installed in a customer’s castle that needs replacing, although we cannot reinstall the product for free, we will do everything in our power to ensure that it is replaced and reinstalled at the manufacturer’s and not your expense.

Our clients don’t come to us expecting to spend the absolutely lowest amount. Or the highest. However, what they do expect and receive is the most detailed and transparent scheduling and cost estimate, integrity, and therefore the greatest value for every dollar that they invest in their castle’s beautiful renovation.

Why does The Reno King offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee lasting five years or more? Simple – our reputation is built on your 100% Satisfaction. As such, when we price something, we stick to it, and when we promise something, we deliver that too, because your 100% Satisfaction is our highest priority.

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