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Transparent Itemized Estimates

Our comprehensive, detailed Estimate is designed to empower you to make informed and calculated decisions when renovating your castle.

At the outset, you’ll experience one of the most important aspects that separates us from the others… Our Estimate covers, in a word, everything.

With 100% Transparency, absolutely nothing is left out, glossed over, or handled as a rough range. All materials and labour costs are itemized in an easy to follow document.

We developed the most comprehensive and transparent estimate in the business because it’s your castle, your money, and your dream renovation, therefore it deserves the highest attention to detail, even before we decide to work together.

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Major Renovation: example – Full House or Condo Remodel, Additions etc.
Medium Renovation: example – Multiple Rooms, Siding, Large Deck etc.
Minor Renovation: example – Single Room, Kitchen or Bathroom, Small Deck etc.
Small Job or Repairs: example – Flooring and Finishing, Painting etc.