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How much to budget for a bathroom remodel in Vancouver

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom in Vancouver and need some budgets to work with? Like any smart consumer you will do a little shopping around and invite a few reputable companies over to get some estimates. The Reno King has an extensive resume of quality bathroom remodels since our inception in 2007 and the cost can vary quite a bit based on size, number of fixtures, quality of fixtures & finish, tile pattern & design, layout changes, age of home, current building conditions, old work we need to fix, etc, etc. Anyone giving a price off the top of their head cannot consider every one of these aspects in under 10 seconds to provide any level of reliable accuracy. Be weary of ball park prices and only rely on detailed estimates that have been built around your exact bathroom and requirements.

But to get some ball park budgets you can work with, let’s assume you have a typical 10 foot by 5 foot bathroom with a tub and tile surround, toilet, tile floor, and 48″ vanity. Everything is from 1970 and must go NOW! You decide to modernize the bathroom with a middle end finish that still has the WOW! factor. You keep all fixtures in existing locations to keep the costs down. We remove all finishes, except for drywall outside the shower, and dispose of everything. You choose a deeper soaker tub, ceramic or porcelain tile shower surround with a shower curtain, a vanity package from our friends at, new vanity light, new plug and switches, new toilet, new accessories, new baseboards & trim, and a fresh coat of paint. If you are frugal in your selections, the bathroom has good bones, and there are no surprises or changes along the way, you could get this done for as little as $15k and as high as $22k if you want to up the quality of everything.

This is a smooth running project with no “surprises” popping up, which is not always the case when you start opening up walls and floors. The two main reasons why your project will escalate in cost are due to extra bells and whistles you want, combined with surprises that we discover once the old stuff is out.

So let’s say you decide to add: heated floors, upgrade the tile pattern, add a second shower head, a recessed tile shower shelf, some new pot lights and you want local cabinets and stone counters you source separately (no economical vanity package). Then we find rotted plywood and framing below the toilet that we have to fix, the rot continues into the exterior wall behind the toilet so we remove the drywall to inspect and find more damage needing repairs. Then the insulation in this wall is R7 from 1970, which ain’t gonna cut it. So we fix the damaged floor and wall, upgrade the insulation, install vapor barrier, new drywall and paint. Then we look at the level of your floor and find out your house has sunk quite a bit on one side. This is normal for houses but this shift resulted in over an inch out of level between one end of your tub and the other. So now we have to build up or build down one side of your floor so your tub can sit level on the floor without a massive gap under one side. In the end these major surprises along with the upgrades has now added another $10,000 to the bathroom.

If you are on a definite budget, it’s always good to keep the extra bells and whistles out of the equation until the area is gutted, the walls and floor are confirmed to be somewhat level and plumb, and you know there are no major surprises.

Every bathroom is different. If being on budget and finishing on time is important, then your project requires a job costing professional to spend the necessary time to cost out 100% of the items needed for your remodel. One thing that has always separated The Reno King from our competition is our desire to provide accurate, detailed, complete & transparent estimates. For a bathroom estimate, there are around 7 to 10 pages of over 100 items that are costed out down to the nail. You see what we are charging for on everything and know someone took the necessary effort to ensure everything was accounted for.

If transparency and being on budget is important to you, then this job costing document is the foundation for your requirement. To get started with this estimate document, CLICK HERE, complete the form, and a specialist will be in touch to schedule a visit and explain how our estimates work. Or you can call us at 604-349-5464.

Thank you for reading and remember to always add a touch of royalty to all your renovation projects!

Davyn Arscott

President & Senior Estimator