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While not everybody demands our transparency and high quality, you do.

You’ll appreciate how The Reno King offers 100% transparency that results in renovations that can be summed up by just one word: Quality.

From how rapidly and conscientiously we respond to every email and phone call, to our extraordinarily thorough and detailed estimate, to how respectfully our craftsmen treat your family and your castle while renovating it – every single thing we do displays our commitment to quality.

Of course, some people prefer a compromise to our high level of quality, opting, yes, for a cheaper construction company. That’s their choice.

But if you’ve read this far, we believe that you’re not one of them. Instead, you’re here because you respect honesty, integrity and transparency that delivers high quality work that we are proud to build for you. Which is why we invite you to take the time to look at our high quality work.